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Chardonnay (dry white wine) Hungarian Chardonnay white wine from Balaton Hungary

The Chardonnay is one of the main variety in our winery. By the favorable location of the area we harvest it with high must degree every year. The fermentation of the wine made by reducing technology to retain the fragrance and the flavor. Then, for further maturation, we put the wine in gauntry barrels, whose duration is variable, depending on the year.
Its flavor dominated by complex acids, which is incomparable with other varieties. The taste reminds: ripe melon, honey and mature wine, some buttery. In bottles you can store for many years, it preservs the quality and the flavor.
We recommend to serve it on 14 C° for pasta, titled fish, meals from white meat, or goat cheese. For connoisseurs: just enjoy the taste.

We were successful with it in more wine competition:
Veszprém County Bottled Wine Competition (2006)
1st National Organic wine Competition (2002)


Gray friar [Pinot-Gris] (dry white wine)

Hungarian Gray friar white wine from Balaton Hungary

The Gray Friar yield excellent quality, each year. Our winery produce dry Gray Friar with harmonic and "nice" acids, because in fact dry brings up the aromas and flavors. It is important for this variety the timing of the harvest. The wine's colour is pale gold, but if late harvest it can reminds to Rose. We also call this "pink", what is shown on the label.
This full-body wine is rich in taste, flavor, extract and fine acidity.
We recommend to serve it on 8-10 C°. Excellent with white meat fishes.


Riesling (quality dry wine)

Hungarian Riesling white wine from Balaton Hungary

The Riesling is one of the main variety in our winery, we harvest it with high must degree every year.
Thanks to the volcanic soil it has vivid acidity. The fermentation of the wine made by reducing technology, therefore smells like fresh fruit, taste like bitter almond
This taste is specific only here, in Balaton-Highlands, therefore this is most prefered variety in this wine region and this region has the maximum rate riesling plantation of the wine regions.
The fermentation of the wine made in gauntry barrels, for at least 6-12 months.
We recommend to serve it on 10-12 C°. Excellent with Hungarian chicken meals.


Pinot Blanc

Hungarian Pinot Blanc white wine from Balaton Hungary

The Pinot Blanc, or in Hungarian "Fehér Burgundi", is an aloof scent and taste wine, with some nut flavor. It is a precious, mildly spicy grape variety. Its unique taste come from the herbs reminiscent aroma. One of the youngest plantation of our winery, expected to be bottled and marketed this year.
We recommend to serve with pike-perch from lake Balaton, rucola, grapes and goat cheese, baked in oven.


Vivien Grand Cuveé (quality semi-sweet white wine)

Hungarian Cuveé white wine from Balaton Hungary

Coupage of late harvested Riesling, Müller-Thurgau (Riesling-Sylvaner) and Pinot Blanc. We mature it in oak barrels. It has wide range of fragrances, flavors and pleasant aromas.
We recommend to serve it on 10-12 C° for white meat meals. We also recommend as dessert wine



Hungarian Cuveé white wine from Balaton Hungary

Coupage of Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Chardonnay. We mature it in oak barrels, therefore it is a vivid acidity wine blending. The chardonnay is the dominant in this blending, which are associated by the tart flavor components of the Müller-Thurgau and the Riesling.
We recommend to serve it on 10-12 C° for Hungarian stews.


Pinot-Noir (dry red wine)

Hungarian Pinot-Noir red wine from Balaton Hungary

Hungarian name is "kék burgundi". A red wine made from a world-known grape variety.
The plantation is in the Badacsony region on Ányos vineyard. Cousin of the Gray Friar and the Pinot Blanc.
Fermented in steel tank, bottled after a short barrel-aging.
The wine has a nice color, moderate acidity.
We recommend to serve it on 17 C°. Excellent with grilled vegetables.


Pinot-Noir Rose (dry rose wine)

Hungarian Pinot-Noir Rosé rosé wine from Balaton Hungary

The Pinot-Noir as grape is excellent to produce rose wine.
The 2010 vintage was high in sugar at harvest, fermented and aged in steel tanks.
It has fresh acidity and high carbon dioxide. Its aroma is fruity, reminiscent of strawberries, the color reminds to onion skin.
We recommend to serve it on 8-10 C° for light plain salads.


Recipe offers:

Beef stew with red wine
1 kg lean beef (such as tenderloin)
50 ounces red onion
3 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon red pepper
posted a small piece of hot pepper
2 decilitre Pinot Noir (Lesencei Pupos Borház)
1 teaspoon cumin
1 green pepper
1 large tomato peeled, deseeded
a hint of thyme and marjoram

Cut the meat to medium-sized cubes, chop the onions finely, then roast in oil until it will be golden brown. Then pour in water, salt and fry again. The drained meat throw to the onion and bake for whitening, on heavy fire. When it let a little juice, throw the redpepper on it, with two cloves of crushed garlic and cumin. Bake again. Cut the green peppers into small cubes and put it. If we believe pour a tiny water into and salt. Leave cooking, while you can even include black pepper and salt. Half time you should seasoning with thyme and marjoram, but just a little. When the meat is semi-soft, put in the chopped peeled tomatoes and the red wine as well. Cook this brown. At the very end put again crushed garlic and cumin, spices in, because they often slipped away. A delicious stew must be spicy, brown and dense.
Pot is perfect, there is no oil needed, but use rendered bacon fat.

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